GmbH, your partner for geophysics, geotechnics and engineering.

Self-Image GmbH since 10 years means joining hands on Project and shaping them. We offer customized services for your project with the interface in earth- and engineering sciences. The services are characterized by technical expertise and the use of latest technology. We carry out your projects goal-orientated and according to the latest state-of-the-art. Our greatest strength lies in developing customized, creative and economical solutions according to your desires and requirements.

The GmbH contributes a substantial share to the efficiency enhancement of renewable energies. Our clients and particularly our society will profit from that. The future builds on sustainability, this is our mission.

The key to it is interdisciplinary. Our competences have a wide range from classical geology to geophysics and geotechnics to civil- and system engineering as well as electrical engineering. Due to our partners, we are able to advance you, us and our sector by concatenating science and economy.

We feel obligated to you. Our guiding principles to the inside and outside is characterized by respect, goodwill, helpfulness and loyalty. We respect the people we deal with. We actively stand up for the equality of all people and operate against discrimination and social exclusion. Our goal is to unite the individual abilities and the knowledge of each individual to a relevant competent and interdisciplinary common welfare. An open, honest, critical and self-critical handling between each other is important. Apart from that, the willingness to continuous study, which is connected with the revision initial or traditional views, plays an important role too.

Our flat command structures have changing issue- and project-related leadership. In order to that, we respond flexible to your requests and offer our employees an attractive environment. Our goal are long-term partnerships, in internal- as well as external relationships.


We, the, exist since 2007. The GmbH was established in 2009. We are a dynamic developing company with strong research references to leading institutions in the field of marine research. GmbH has a solidarity to the state-of-the-art science. We also offer an advantageous connection between technical engineering, geophysical and geological functioning in the area of geotechnical engineering services. Therefore, geologists, geophysicist and civil engineers are employed.