Geophysical surveys are an integral part of many construction and planning projects.

Our non-invasive / non-destructive methods provide informations of the subsoil which are integral to the preparatory- and design processes. Your investment in a preliminary survey results in a higher degree of planning reliability and further use of the gained information.

You profit of our extensive expertise in the planning, execution and and evaluation in offshore and onshore projects.

We are pleased to advise you on the combined use of different sensors, schedule and planning of survey projects. A detailed planning is the key to gain data of optimal value for the cost optimisation of your projects.

We offer survey package deals, but are also ready to provide you with customized solutions to extraordinary requirements and wishes.

On occation, only unusual combinations of sensors and out of the box thinking leads to the required results.

Please inform us of your requirements and we would be pleased to provide you with a concept.

The overview of our service:

Seafloor mapping

Cable detection

Seismic surveys

Subsea construction monitoring

Scour surveys

Cable route exploration

UXO surveys

Obstruction detetion and charting

Your requirement is not listed? Please inform us. We are happy to provide you with a concept or an offer.