Since its establishment, GmbH has been involved in the development and survey of offshore wind farms and – cable routes.

Our customers profit of our years-long experience and our multidisciplinary team. We are capable of long-term supervision of projects. Among our services are the geological and geotechnical survey of cable routes, advise on foundation design, installation of monitoring systems on offshore wind turbines and the development of deconstruction concepts. We would like to support you and your project in the following areas:

Survey concepts

Offshore ground reconnaissance (for example by sea floor CPT or Vibro-Corer)

3D subsoil models

Geotechnical experts

Client representatives

Third-party inspections

Deconstruction concepts

Dynamic load testing

Driving rod tests

Condition monitoring

Structure health monitoring

Perriodic examinations

Monitoring concepts

Our staff use state of the art methods, but are equally capable of using scientific concepts to develop customized and project specific solutions. We have references for the above listed areas of expertise and would be pleased to provide them on your request.

Feel free to contact us about your individual project. We look forward to work out a concept for you.