GmbH has two specially equipped mobile 20" laboratory containers at its hand. The two containers are GL certified seacontainers, making them ideal for offshore operations on jack-up barges and ships, but also for onshore operations, for example on construction sites.

The laboratory containers are equipped so that both sedimentological and soilmechanical examination of drill cores as well as evaluation and documentation of other on-site incoming data (e.g. CPT tests, navigation) can be done. Both are air-conditioned, heated and fully isolated.

Equipment of both laboratory containers:

    Photodesk: Camera, lighting with daylight spectrum for full-scale documentation of the opened drill cores.

    Munsell Color Scale as well as sand standard gauge for professional evaluation of color of soil- and rock-samples

    respectively as help for the determination of grain sizes (sand-fraction)

    Pocket-penetrometer to derive the undrained shear strength of cohesive samples

    Manually operated vane apparatus to determine the shear stength of cohesive samples

    Cutter cylinder and drying oven for taking soil samples of certain volumina for the determination of water content as well as wet and dry density.

    Decoupled scale of different measuring scales and precision

    Datarecording- and presentation-software "GeODin", used for digital display of drilling- and sounding-profiles but also test results

    Core saw for professional opening of drill cores on liners

Besides the listed equipment, the laboratory containers can also be equipped with satellite-phone, Internet and Wi-Fi or a DGPS-System, that can help placing and navigating the Jack-Up Barge.

On request, our laboratory containers can also be rented for your research campaign.