As safe and economic foundation is the basis of every construction project. The geotechnical expert has to characterise the subsoil with the help of a limited number of explorative probes and cores. The result has to be sufficient to solve the geotechnical problems with state of the art techniques. Our staff uses expertise, gained in numerous projects in the northern Germany.

A core competence of is the survey and evaluation of the subsoil as well as the execution of the duties of a geotechnical expert.

For further project development, there is a comprehensive repertoire of relevant geotechnical modelling software at our disposal.

Our project manager are pleased to supervise your projects from planning to execution. Also on site and in your company.

We are equipped with a modern laboratory, as well as state of the art field tests, drill and sounding tools. They enable us to perform field tests, explorative soundings, sample recovery and laboratory testing.

Areas of work:

Subsoil survey /- examination

Laboratory – and field testing

Earth statical analysis

Stability analysis

Engineering geology

Hydraulic engineering

Pile testing

Planning and supervision of excavations

Road-construction and infrastructure

Our team of engineering geologists and civil engineers looks forward to your requests.